Placing Your Order

Create your order one line item at a time.

Be sure to add your internal SKU number and your product title. Quantities can be adjusted in your cart once an item has been added to it. We will use your SKU number and product title and internal Purchase Order number (see below) to generate your customized packing slip.  At checkout, enter your details for billing information and your customer’s details under shipping information. Choose your payment option and submit your order. 

Sample image of individual product order form

For each line item, add your product name, your sku number and a direct link to the print-ready art file.


Sample of cart page

Once you have added each line item to your cart, enter your line item quantities, add your internal purchase order (if you do not have one, leave this blank and we will generate one for you), add any notes to need to send to your customer then “Checkout”.


Packing Slip Override

Do you need to include a specific packing slip with your order?
For example: some wholesale sites such as Faire require that you use their packing slip. No problem! Just add this item to your order at no charge, upload your packing slip here and we'll be sure to include the uploaded copy instead of our own with the order.

Add a packing slip override to your order


Fulfillment Times

If your order is received before 8:00 am PST Monday to Friday, we will process your order for print same-day. Orders will ship the following business day. 

Order placed Order printed Order shipped
Tuesday at 5:00 pm Wednesday Thursday
Friday at 4:00 am Friday Monday


A tracking number will be generated for your order the same day it is printed and you will receive an email notification with this information shortly afterwards. However it can take up to 24 after the shipping label is scanned by the carrier for the tracking to update and show movement. We recommend sending tracking information to your customer 1-2 days after it is sent to you.


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