We ship all orders via FedEx Ground. 

U.S. orders ship from zip code 91030 and estimated transit times for the continental U.S. is 2-4 business days. For a more detailed estimate of your delivery date, view this FedEx Ground delivery map.

Orders within Canada ship from postal code V6B 1R3 and estimated transit times for the continental U.S. is 3-7 business days. For a more detailed estimate of your delivery date, view this FedEx Ground delivery map.

Should an order be undeliverable, it will be returned to either or Canadian or US warehouse. At this point we will contact you and ask that you contact your customer to determine why the package might have been undeliverable. Potential reasons might be that the shipping address was incorrect, delivery was outside business hours, customer refused the package. If any of these scenarios are the reason for a failed delivery, we will send you an invoice for a new shipping label and resend the order with the corrected delivery information if needed.

Unfortunately no, we are not able to use third party shipping accounts that this time.

That exactly what we specialize in! We understand the importance of brand consistency and pricing will never be visible to your customers. Each packing slip and shipping label is customized with your business information.

No. Due to the prohibitive costs of shipping outside of Canada and the US, we’re just focusing on shipping to either of these two countries at this time.

If you need to make a change to your order once it’s been placed, please email us right away. Changes include but are not limited to: changing a SKU, quantity, shipping address, cancelling an order. Additionally, if you’d like to call us between 8-5 M-F PST to confirm that we’ve received your change request, you can do that as well. We do our best to process orders quickly and so we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate your request, but we will do our best. You will receive an emailed response from us with the status of your change request either way. If more than three changes need to be made on a single order, we will potentially cancel the order and ask that you place a new order. 

For these reasons, we highly recommend that you place order during our operating hours so that if a change needs to be made after you’ve placed your order, chances are more likely that we’ll be able to make the change.

We package our art prints in two boxes with foam corners to suspend the inner box which holds the prints within the outer box. We’ve found that packaging art prints in this manner has reduced the number of orders arriving with damage to fewer than 1% of orders. However, in the rare event that an order is delivered with damage, we ask that you notify us of the damage within 72 hours of the package being marked as delivered according to the tracking information. Please include well-lit photos of the damaged product as well as the packaging where the damage is most likely to have occurred. This information helps us create a claim with the shipping carrier. With this information we will happily offer a complimentary replacement order shipped with the same shipping class as the original order. Without this information we are not able to offer a complimentary replacement order. 

We have created systems to ensure that we get your order correct and processed in a timely manner. However we are human and sometimes we do make mistakes. Let us start by preemptively offering our sincerest apologies. Being makers and sellers ourselves, we definitely understand that it can have a negative effect on your relationship with your customer and we appreciate your understanding in this situation. Due to the labor involved with packaging an order and the high shipping costs, if less than 10% or less than an order is missing or incorrect, we will refund you the cost of those items and we recommend that you do the same for your customer. Should 11% or more of an order be incorrect or missing, we will send out those items with our standard shipping. Should your customer has accidentally received the incorrect order entirely, we will send out a complimentary replacement order with our standard shipping speed.

We aim to process orders within 2 business days. Please allow for an extra business day when ordering within 4 days of a holiday.


You can find our print specs and templates here.

Each line item needs to be ordered separately and when ordering each item, you’ll be asked to upload your print file for each line item to add.

Nope! We'll take care of that for you.

But... For each line item, we'll ask you to enter the title of your product (what you call the item in your shop eg, "Alligator Art Print") and your SKU number ie. the set of numbers and/or letters you use to identify each of your sellable items. We'll use these two pieces of info to create the packing slip that your customers will see. 

CMYK is recommended to make sure that your files are printing with consistently accurate colors.


You bet! However because our art prints are packaged flat, we can’t send just one or it would bend in transit. What makes us unique is that we package art prints to be retail-ready right out of the box. For this reason, if you wish to test an order before sending it to your customer, we recommend shipping a full order to yourself first, and reviewing it, then forward the order on to your customer. We’ll cover the shipping charge to ship your first order to yourself. If you are interested in this option, simply contact us at support@pointtwodesign.com and we’ll send you a code for free shipping.

We understand how important brand integrity is to your business and so there won’t be any reference to Point Two Design Group associated with the order that is delivered to your customer with the exception of our address listed as the return address. On the packing slip will be listed your business name, your order number, your product SKUs and titles, your address and email address. We will not contact your customers for any reason and will contact you should there be a question regarding one of your orders.

Absolutely. For each line item we collect your unique product SKU number, the title you use for each product and a url link to your print-ready art file. You can also attach your own purchase order number and even include a note to your customer. We use all of this information to customize your packing slip so that product information is consistent with your own ordering system and the packing slip your customer will see.

You can view an example of a customized packing slip here.

Do you need to include a specific packing slip with your order?
For example: some wholesale sites such as Faire require that you use their packing slip. No problem! Just add this item to your order at no charge, upload your packing slip here and we'll be sure to include the uploaded copy instead of our own with the order.

Add a packing slip override to your order here. 

The minimum number of units per order is 10 art prints and 25 greeting cards. We want to keep our pricing as simple as possible and so we only charge per item ordered. However there are significant costs related to packaging materials and labour and minimum amounts are needed to help cover those costs.

Nope! Whether you place one order per month or 100, there is no monthly minimum requirement.

If you place 10 or more orders per month with us, please feel free to reach out to us and ask about our  free white-glove onboarding program. We'll import order products into your account so that ordering will be easier and quicker. You'll no longer need to manually enter individual product details.

Each order is custom printed, just for you. At this time and for this reason we are not able to accept returns. However, should an order arrive damaged, we will replace the damaged items in a timely manner. Please contact us at support@pointtwodesign.com with your order number and a well-lit photo of the damaged product and damaged packaging within 5 business days delivery and we’ll happily get a replacement order started.

Yes. Please contact us within 2 hours of placing order order and we will confirm that your order has been cancelled. Please be sure to include your order number so that we may assist you more quickly.

Print File Requirements + Templates


13x19" Art Print 3900x5700 300 JPG in CMYK



12x18" Art Print 3600x5400 300 JPG in CMYK



8x10" Art Print 2400x3000 300




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